Angelina Jolie continued her tour of the Middle East, meeting Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and speaking to the Prime Minister of the country, Najib Mikati.

The Hollywood star and UN refugee agency special envoy has been in the Middle East to visit the tens of thousands of refugees that have fled Syria since the violent outbreak of civil war.

Jolie thanked the people of Lebanon for their hospitality:

"I'm so grateful on their behalf to the Lebanese people and to Lebanon for allowing them safety, I went to few homes today where I saw one particular situation where three women who were alone with their children and they made the crossing alone but they were very emotional but so grateful and they wanted me to express their gratitude to the Lebanese people. I know the Lebanese people themselves are dealing with their own problems with their own economy and its all the more meaningful that they are so generous and so kind and I hope the world acknowledges that."

Jolie was visiting Lebanon after meeting with refugees in Jordan yesterday. According to the UNHCR, around 250,000 Syrian refugees have fled to Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon so far.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner