'International community: Where is the protection and justice for Afghan women?' The writing on one of the many banners carried by protestors, dozens of them marching peacefully, men and women together in shock over the public execution of a woman in her 20s, all because someone believed she'd committed adultery.

The gruesome murder is said to have taken place in Parwan province, north of the capital Kabul, ten days ago. It was caught on video camera. It shows a lone gunman firing at least eight shots into her back, at close range, as she knelt on the ground. He was cheered on by male onlookers. Police blame the Taliban, but they deny ordering or carrying out the killing.

'Sima Samar, Head of Afghanistan's Human Rights Commission' said: "We want the government of Afghanistan to arrest the criminal (of the woman's public execution). The one who committed the killing and those who ordered it must be put on trial. And the people of Afghanistan expect the government to put them on trial and inform the people about the result of the trial."

Afghanistan is one of the world's worst countries over equal rights for women, according to the UN Development Program. But the expectations of its people and allies for criminal proceedings over this incident to be followed are high. Especially given the widespread condemnation, notably from the country's President, Hamid Karzai, the U.S. Embassy, the top NATO military commander in Afghanistan and a wealth of activist groups.