The activist collective of computer hackers, Anonymous, has come out in support of protestors in California who've been rioting over the recent shooting of a young Latino man.

For the last few nights angry youth have been on the streets of Anaheim rioting over the death of Manuel Diaz, who was apparently unarmed. On Wednesday, 24 people were arrested as cops in riot gear used batons, pepper balls and beanbag rounds to clamp down on them. Tensions in the city have been high in recent years with its clear divisions between the wealthy and conservative Anaheim Hills area in the east, and the west side where mostly poor Latinos live. The Guardian newspaper says local people are accusing local officers of running a 'death squad'.

Now hacktivists, Anonymous, have used You Tube to call for "the citizens of the United States to rise up in unison" against what it says is aggressive police activity. They also released personal contacts of the Anaheim mayor and the city's police department. The dead man's family has filed a wrongful death suit against the city and has also appealed to the community to stay calm.

Solidarity marches are scheduled in cities across the country and the Occupy Los Angeles movement is planning a mass demonstration outside Anaheim police department this weekend.