She might enjoy showing off to her peers about her tough stance on the
Falkland Islands, but last night Argentinian President Cristina
Fernandez cancelled a planned speech at a UN conference in Brazil to
fly home early to deal with more pressing matters at home.

She returned to dramatic scenes after ordering military police in riot
shields to lock off Day One of a strike by fuel tanker drivers.
Missiles were thrown as hundreds of protestors were pushed and shoved
by officers.

Workers protested, drank and sang alongside rows and rows
of static trucks they'd blocked in at this depot in Buenos Aires. The
truckers' union launched 3 days of industrial action disrupting
deliveries of fuel throughout the country. They want a 30% pay rise
and lower taxes. Inflation there is 25% right now.

Union leader, Pablo Moyano vowed to send his members to a rally in the
country's most famous square, the Plaza de Mayo, if the police keep up
their fight. And said they'll all keep striking until Friday morning.

Meanwhile some garages were cleaned out of fuel while long queues
formed at other petrol stations across the country leaving countless
drivers frustrated.

Writtena and narrated by Marverine Cole