Yohan Cabaye
Arsenal should be wary of signing Yohan Cabaye, according to Ian Wright.

Former Arsenal star Ian Wright has claimed that the side should be wary of signing Yohan Cabaye after the midfielder refused to play for Newcastle United.

The Gunners have so far submitted one bid for Cabaye which was swiftly turned down by Alan Pardew but the Newcastle boss has admitted he would sell for the right price.

Arsenal are still interested in acquiring Cabaye, who has refused to feature for Newcastle, but Wright believes that this is a bad sign of his character and Wenger should be wary of Cabaye doing the same thing to the north London club if he wants a move in the future.

"He seems very similar to what we've got and he's obviously a quality player," he said, according to ITV. "I'm just a bit worried about the fact that he's refused to play [for Newcastle].

"That doesn't make me feel good. If he refuses to play then he'll refuse to play again if it doesn't suit him and I don't think you really want players like that around the squad.

"I think he should be professional like Wayne Rooney has been, play his game and make a club like Arsenal say 'yeah, that's the type of player we want.'"

Cabaye is one of a number of targets for Wenger as the manager considers his moves in the final week of the summer transfer window.

Wright believes that the manager needs to show in the next five days that Arsenal are indeed serious in their push for trophies despite having not spent any money so far this summer.

"They definitely need to add to the squad and it's not because of the lack of quality, it's because there is a lack of numbers," he explained. "If they started the season with just the players they've got now, with a couple of injuries the squad gets depleted pretty quickly."