Looks like fashion magazines are not the only ones that alter celebrities' appearances on their cover page as actress Ashley Benson recently opened up about the heavy photoshopping that went into the Pretty Little Liars posters.

The actress, who played Hanna in the show, revealed that the poster released during the first season was so heavily airbrushed that the girls could not recognise themselves in the picture. "PLL had put up this poster and it was from our first season and it was completely crazy. Nobody looked like themselves," she told Stylecaster.

Pretty Little Liars recently concluded after seven successful seasons on ABC's sister network Freeform. The teen thriller chronicled the story of five girls – Spencer Hastings, Alison DiLaurentis, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields – who were constantly being tortured by the mysterious "A" for their past mistakes. Before every season of the popular series, fans would eagerly wait for its poster release, which set the fashion trend for the season.

The show was famous for the chic styles of the lead stars. However, Benson now admits that she doesn't want to look like someone else in any magazine cover or poster as they almost change everything about the individual's physique.

"Even for magazine covers, they'll photoshop out a mole, make your boobs bigger or your waist four sizes smaller, and you're like, 'That's not even me.' You never know how it's going to turn out because you have no control and you're not editing the photos, but it sucks when you're like, 'Wow. That's a completely different person," she added.

The actress now says she had had enough of airbrushing. "I always make sure to tell people, with any s— that I do or anyone else does, that unless it's announced that it's not photoshopped, it's photoshopped. And don't get down on yourself for not looking a certain way because it takes a lot of hair and makeup, a ton of good lighting, and after the shoot, it's all this editing."