After three relatively boring episodes, The Walking Dead season 8 is back featuring some shocking twists in episode 4 titled Some Guy. The episode not only features hordes of zombies mass killing but also a major death that has wrenched fans' hearts who are comparing it with that of Glenn's.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the latest TWD episode

The battle between Rick Grimes and Negan has gone to the next level as the fighters on both sides are on a kill or get killed mission. The episode begins with King Ezekiel waking up to a carnage caused by the Saviors. In the previous episode, the Kingdom chief and his men were tricked into a trap where the Savior men sprayed .50 calibre machine guns.

Finding no way out, the Kingdom fighters make their ultimate sacrifice by becoming a human shield for their beloved king. As a result, most of them die leaving Ezekiel distraught.

He is later caught by another Savior man who tortures him to his heart's content while marching towards the Sanctuary. But at one point he decides to get rid of the King and points a gun at him. However, before he can pull the trigger, Jerry slashes him into half from head down.

Just when the axe falls and the king finds it difficult to escape the walkers, Shiva, the pet tiger of Ezekiel, emerges as the rescuer. He tries to evade the undeads to save his master but in the process he sadly ends up sacrificing his own.

An injured Ezekiel can't help but look at his beloved pet tiger being eaten alive by the walkers. The scene has broken the hearts of TWD fans who think this is the "saddest death since Glenn." "So many people have died in this war already but as soon as Shiva dies we all can't handle ourselves," one fan tweeted about the demise of the CGI-enhanced royal Bengal tiger. "Shiva, by far, the most difficult death, tonight," added another.

Here is how fans reacted after Shiva's death:

The Walking Dead season 8 returns with episode 4 on Monday, 13 November, in the UK on Fox network.