Police in Taiwan say a resident of the nursing home which was engulfed by fire this morning where 12 elderly people died - has confessed to starting the blaze. All because he had a grudge. 60 others were injured, all too old or too weak to escape the ferocious flames.

Nurses and emergency crews frantically tried to save patients in the aftermath of the attack at the Bei-Men Branch Sinying Hospital in Tainan City. Apparently it was carried out by a man who police say told officers was angry about being in the home too long and being so ill. He's now being questioned. Hospital officials say those who died were bedridden residents who'd been overwhelmed by the smoke. 163 firefighters in 30 fire engines were sent out to the blaze and Health minister Chiu Wen-ta called it the worst hospital fire since 2000 when a fire killed eight people in Yilan County.

Thankfully more than 100 people were brought to safety hours after the day that the Taiwanese government called the "Day for the Elderly".

Written and presented by Marverine Cole