The smouldering wreckage of a train devastated by an horrific fire which engulfed passengers in Southern India, killing 47 people. Officials say they expect the death toll to rise, as emergency crews get in amongst what's left of the vehicle in the search for bodies.Doubtful there'll be any survivors here.

The Superintendent of Police said "In the initial investigation, we found that fire started in the first three berths in the coach."

The train was travelling from the capital New Delhi to Chennai city when it caught fire as it was passing through Nellore station. Witnesses and some local media say an electrical short circuit caused the blaze to sweep through sleeping berths around 4.30 in the morning. It's too early to say if this was exactly the case.

As soon as train officials were alerted to the fire, the coaches which were ablaze were uncoupled from the rest of the train to try and stop it spreading. Some people managed to jump out of carriage windows to escape, with at least 28 passengers being treated in hospital for burns and the effects of breathing in smoke.