Aussie rules
Aussie rules

I love the United Kingdom. I love the history, the people and their wonderfully delicious ciders. But I can't cheer them when it comes to sport

The relationship between Australia and Great Britain is usually one of gentle mocking with an underlying fondness of each other. We make fun of them for their warm beer, constant whining and sunless skin. They make fun of us for, well, actually I'm not sure what they could possibly make fun of us for ;)

My grudge against the Brits in the sporting arena goes back to 2003, when they beat Australia in the Rugby World Cup Final. The loss of the Ashes in 2005 was the nail in the coffin. I now find myself unable to be on their side in a sporting sense.

Today we went to watch the beach volleyball. It has to be one of the best Olympic events in terms of atmosphere. There's music, dancing and a whole lot of Mexican waves.

The ninth game of the day was Great Britain vs Canada. I wanted to go for Great Britain, I really did. I wanted to show my appreciation for the amazing Olympic Games they're hosting.

The crowd went wild when Team GB came out.

I folded my Australian flag into quarters and handed the Union Jack to the Brits sitting behind me. I still couldn't do it. I couldn't be part of the roar that went up every time the local boys won a point. I was a Canadian fan in a sea of British supporters.

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