(You Tube -Aviva)

Aviva, Britain's second largest insurance company, is now looking for a new boss, just days after its shareholders staged a revolt at last week's Annual General Meeting.

CEO Andy Moss - who'd decided to turn down his 5% pay rise - which would have taken him to earnings of around £1m - has resigned with immediate effect. On Thursday investors in the firm kicked out the top execs pay and bonuses proposal. And it seems the furore & embarrassment around that news has taken its toll. The firm's share price was up 5% in early trading, we'll be keeping an eye on that through the day.

(You Tube -Thomas Cook UK Channel)

Shares for holiday company Thomas Cook also jumped up this morning. By 11%, in fact. It's been every so slightly unsteady these last few months but the latest is that the company has managed to buy itself more time to repay its debts: 3 years to be exact. With a refinancing package worth around £1.4bn. So if you have a holiday booked with them, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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