Batkid Miles Scott
Batkid hurling the first pitch to San Francisco Giants' pitcher Matt Cain. San Francisco Giants/Twitter

It was a special day at the AT&T Park on Tuesday when the Batkid along with the Batman arrived in their Bat Mobile to throw the first pitch for the San Francisco Giants opening day.

The five-year-old Miles Scott, who battled leukaemia, was all decked up with Batgears and used all his superman power from the pitcher's mound while hurling the first pitch to Giants' pitcher Matt Cain.

Scott was welcomed by more than 42,000 roaring crowds and pitcher Matt Cain when he arrived at the AT&T Park in the Bat-painted black Lamborghini, reported.

Baseball team San Francisco Giants later tweeted series of pictures and videos of the arrival of Batkid and the audience's cheerful welcome to the little boy.

Juan Montalvo, an Instagram user also shared a video of Batkid Scott's practice session and wrote,

"Awesome!! Batkid and Matt Cain team up for an unforgettable ceremonial first pitch. #makeawishfoundation#dreamsdocometrue#batkid".

Batkid is the alter ego of Scott who is in remission and has grabbed the attention of millions around the world after his heroic appearance to save Gotham City in an action-packed day, which ended with the city mayor handing over the key to the city.

Last year, the Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfilled the young cancer survivor's dream to play his favourite super hero batman for a day in real life.

It was a heart-warming moment in November 2013 when the entire San Francisco city was transformed as Gotham and the tiny super hero was able to save the San Francisco Giant's mascot Lou Seal, from the Penguin last year.