Over the past year, Bernie Sanders has earned himself a number of gifs, memes and Twitter mentions. He most recently added to the collection with a recent visit to an ice-cream factory.

The former US presidential candidate met with workers at the Ben & Jerry factory in St Albans City in Vermont on 14 April where he spoke on issues related to education, labour and the environment.

"When we stand up and fight back we can change the country in very positive ways," he wrote on his Twitter account and went on to address an issue on minimum wages put forth by one employee. "When you got millions of people in this country who are forced to work two or three jobs, to cobble together healthcareand the income they need, that a minimum wage nationally of seven dollars and a quarter, that's a starvation wage," he said during his visit to the Vermont production centre, according to ABC affiliate WVNY.

Despite the seriousness of his speech, Twitter could not draw their attention from one major part of the event wherein Sanders was speaking from behind a podium made to look like a giant tub of the brand's ice-cream. The structure gave the illusion that the 75-year-old was inside a tub and social media users were quick to joke about the new 'Bernie flavour' Ben & Jerry's should put on its shelves.

Check out the tweets below: