Elli Avram as General in the new luxury budget task
Elli Avram as General in the new luxury budget task (Photo: ColorsTv.BiggBoss/facebook)

Of all the fights that take place in the Bigg Boss house, Day 58 of the reality show witnessed the biggest one. No, it's not another argument that took place between the contestants. For a change, this time the inmates worked together to fight an external enemy.

As per the latest luxury budget task, all the inmates of the Bigg Boss house are supposed to act as a unit of commandos who will man and protect their post (the outside garden area) from external attacks and will be led by a General.

The refreshingly fun task first saw Elli Avram as the General of the unit. However, her inability to command her troops resulted in her losing the post soon enough. Kamya Punjabi was later elected as the new General who was in charge of managing the unit, from conducting regular drills to making sure the commandos are alert and vigilant. At regular intervals the troops were attacked by the enemy (masked men who approached through the roof with water balloons), but the troops managed to pull through and held their post.

The twist came when, as part of a surprise attack, inmate General Kamya got kidnapped by the enemy while she was alone inside the house. The enemy put forth a ransom demand (shields, sleeping mattresses and cooking stove) in exchange for the General. The inmates decided to comply but released part of the ransom demanded.

The day ended with the commandos keeping watch at night.

Even though the inmates stood strong together for this first leg of the task, the upcoming episode gives an indication of things going back to normal which means more arguments among the contestants.

General Kamya is back and has a spat with commando Armaan, when he refuses to walk the treadmill complaining of a backache. Following arguments, Kamya decides to court martial Armaan. Another row is witnessed between Sofia and Ajaz where she calls him unmanly for his repeated acts of disrespecting women.