Their fighter jet was shot down by Syrian armed forces two weeks ago, and now the bodies of the two pilots of that Turkish plane have been found.

Syria said it took the F-4 jet out in self-defence because the plane was inside the country's airspace and they didn't know which country it belonged to at the time. But Turkish officials claimed it accidentally strayed into that airspace only for a matter of minutes, and that Syria acted overly aggressively, shooting the plane down over the Mediterranean sea - after it had left their territory. Turkey also said the plane was unarmed and was clearly identifiable.

The most capable of Turkish military boats with expert equipment have been out searching for any wreckage every day ever since. They have the ability to recover any remaining plane debris, some of which is more than 3,000 feet underwater. And now search teams have located the bodies of two air crew. The next step will be to bring them up from the sea bed to shore for formal identification. The military hasn't specified whether or not the pilots ejected from the plane.

Turkey has already said it would respond "decisively" and the shooting down of the plane would not go 'unpunished'. It has already stepped up its activity along its border, sending out convoys full of army supplies and scrambling F-16 fighter jets.