A disgruntled customer went berserk in a jewellery store when staff refused a refund on the gift he had bought for his girlfriend.

The 25-year-old man, who has not been named, asked sales staff at the H Samuel shop in Birmingham's Bullring Centre for a refund because the ring he had bought his beloved was the wrong size, the Daily Mail said.

After being told they could not offer a refund, he smashed up the shop with a baseball bat - but not before politely telling the staff to take cover and apologising for his actions.

Police restrained and disarmed him just outside the shop.

Sgt Dave Gregory of Birmingham Police said: "The whole incident - from us taking the initial call to a man being arrested - lasted just four minutes.

"No staff members were threatened, in fact, quite the opposite as it's understood he apologised in advance for his actions and recommended they stood back away from the display cabinets.

"He clearly wanted to vent his frustration on something - but damaging property isn't going to help his cause and is likely to result in him receiving a hefty bill and potentially a criminal record."

Making a point

The man, from Druids Heath, was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and possessing a dangerous weapon.

An officer suffered a minor cut from the broken glass but no customers or shop staff were injured and nothing was taken from the store. It was not a robbery attempt, police confirmed.

Baljit Singh, 21, told the Mail: "It was crazy - he just started smashing the place up. I think he bought the bat from Sports Direct from next door.

"There was obviously a degree of violence but the staff, although shaken, were untouched. He wasn't trying to get away with anything - he just wanted to make a point."

Another shopper added: "You could hear him shouting about his girlfriend's ring. I think he must have got the wrong size, because he was demanding a refund."