Boyfriend's 'Selfie with Dead Girlfriend' Gone Viral on Internet, Faces Backlash from Social Media Users

A boyfriend's creepy selfie with his 'dead girlfriend' has gone viral on the internet and has received severe criticism from members of the social networking site.

The picture, which gave chills to many users for its sinister looks, was uploaded on Reddit's r/WTF page by a user named BoiledEggs, PIX 11 reported.

The grotesque picture was even captioned with a weird line saying "Dude in CA. steals his dead GF from morgue and posts picture to his social media page."

The picture soon went viral on various social networking sites even as many users felt the content was disturbing.

However, the 'dead girlfriend' in the picture turned out to be a high quality prop and the man in the photo a production assistant. His selfie was posted by his friend without his permission, a Gawker report says.

The said account, however, has been deleted from Reddit but the comment thread is still active for the picture.