The cross-examination of Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted killing 77 people in two attacks in Norway last July, has resumed in Oslo, on the third day of his trial.

He is expected to be questioned further about his claims stating he is a member of a so called society called the 'The Knights Templar', a far-right network of anti-Islam activists.

Prosecutors claim the network doesn't exist and will pursue questioning today about his links to other extremists in Norway or abroad. Yesterday Breivik was confrontational and evasive when questioned about his contacts with other extremists, but he refused to name individuals. The court is seeking to establish whether he is sane and can be jailed.

Yesterday, Breivik delivered a statement in which he said he would do it all again and asked to be acquitted.

His testimony and that of his witnesses will not be broadcast. His testimony is expected to last for five days.