The beheaded body of Ken Dale a kidnapped British doctor working for the International Committee of the Red Cross was found by the roadside near the Pakistan city of Quetta, wrapped in plastic with a black tag with his name on it. According to Police and Red Cross officials.

Ken who had changed his name to Khalil Rasjed Dale had been captured by Pakistan Taliban on his way home from work on Jan 5<sup>th. A note attached to the body said Khalil was killed as the ransom was not paid.

His long-time friend Shiele Howett speaking from Dumfries in Scotland expressed her sorrow at his death.

While Russell Brown the local MP FOR DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY, was angry that this Doctor who had done such good work in Pakistan had been killed in this barbaric way.

Prior to working in Pakistan, this British Doctor had worked in Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.