Pakistan assured a visiting Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday (June 30), that it will promote efforts to reach a peace deal in neighbouring Afghanistan before NATO's planned withdrawal.

Cameron flew into Pakistan from Afghanistan where he sought to inject momentum into stalled peace talks, but left empty-handed after the Afghan president said his country could break up if a deal was done with the Taliban.

Pakisani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif applauded the U.K's efforts for promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

"We value the efforts and contribution the UK has made in promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan. We hope that the UK will continue these efforts to seek sustainable peace and stability in Afghanistan. We believe that such a process should be inclusive, Afghan-owned and Afghan-led. I have assured Prime Minister Cameron of our firm resolve to promote the shared objective of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, to which the 3 million Afghan refugees currently living in Pakistan can return with honour and dignity," Sharif said at a joint news conference with Cameron.

"I also welcome Mr. Prime Minister what you said about the vital importance of the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. I profoundly believe that a stable, prosperous, peaceful, democratic Afghanistan is in Pakistan's interest just as a strong, stable, peaceful, prosperous and democratic Pakistan is in Afghanistan's interest. And I know that you and president Karzai will work together towards those ends," said Cameron.

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