The PM's visiting the Middle East with Defence Minister Philip Hammond and - in what's being seen as a highly contentious move here at home - Britain is set to start discussions with Syrian rebels today. Prime Minister David Cameron already courted controversy by floating the idea of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad leaving power with immunity from prosecution. Yesterday before heading off to Saudi Arabia, Cameron spoke to the Al Arabiya news network in Abu Dhabi about Assad 'Of course I would favour him facing the full force of international law and justice for what he's done. I am certainly not offering him an exit plan to Britain but if he wants to leave he could leave, that could be arranged."

After meeting King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia yesterday, the PM heads to Jordan where he'll meet the King there and refugees from the 19-month long Syrian civil war. Downing Street said the talks between UK officials & Syrian rebels will take place there and Turkey. Whether the 'UK officials' are both the PM himself and Defence Secretary Hammond or Hammond alone – remains to be seen and what form those talks will take is still not known.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole