Bulgarian police have released CCTV surveillance footage of a man suspected of carrying out a suicide bombing which killed at least five Israeli tourists.

The pictures were taken from CCTV footage at Sarafovo airport, outside which the attack took place. It shows a tall man with long hair, wearing a baseball cap and plaid shorts - matching eyewitness descriptions of the bomber. The suspect was filmed wandering in and out of the terminal and carrying a large backpack with wheels, along with a smaller bag.

Speaking at a press conference the Bulgarian Interior Minister appealed for further information.

"We have photos of the suspect and security camera footage of him at the airport, which shows his movements and we would ask anybody who had seen this man, his whereabouts over the last days, to call us."

The explosion ripped apart the bus in the resort town of Burgas, which is popular with Israelis. The bus was thought to be carrying 154 people when the bomb detonated.The bomber was found to be carrying a fake Michigan driver's licence, creating widespread confusion over the cause for the attack.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter