David Cameron has set to announce major changes to the UK's welfare system, with the plan to remove housing benefit for almost everyone aged under 25.

There are currently 380,000 people aged between 16-24 who are entitled to £90 a week. The young and jobless will now be encouraged to live with their parents, as the Tory proposals will apparently save £2bn a year.

During an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Cameron stated:

"We are spending nearly £2 billion on housing benefit for under-25s - a fortune. We need a bigger debate about welfare and what we expect of people. The system currently sends the signal you are better off not working, or working less."

Compulsory community worked will be enforced on those who have been unemployed for over two years. There are also plans for a benefit caps on those with more than three children.

These proposals are seen by many as the end of Cameron's supposed 'compassionate conservatism' and a return to previous Tory regime attitudes as ministers look towards a further £10bn in welfare cuts. The extreme measures would be rejected by the Liberal Democrats in the coalition, and so it is thought that the Conservatives will now campaign on welfare reform at the next general election in three years' time.

Written and narrated by Alfred Joyner