David Cameron today (July 03) assured parliament that the government was doing everything to guarantee the safety of British Nationals in Egypt and safeguard the British Embassy in Cairo.

"There is deep concern about what we've witnessed over the past few days in Egypt including appalling violence and deaths just a year on from free elections. Can I begin by asking the prime minister for assurances that all the appropriate steps are being taken by the government to guarantee the safety of UK nationals in that country?" asked Labour leader, Ed Miliband.

"I can certainly give him that assurance and also to safeguard our embassy in Cairo and I should also add that we are advising British nationals against all but essential travel to Egypt except for the Red Sea Resort as set out on the Foreign Office website. He's right that these are deeply disturbing scenes, the level of violence is appalling, we should appeal to all sides to calm and stop the levels of violence and particularly the sexual assaults, it is not for this country to support any single group or party, what we should support is proper democratic processes and proper government by consent," Prime Minister, David Cameron said.

"Very clear messages" had been sent to President Mursi including by President Obama who spoke to him directly, but we've also been communicating through our ambassadors that yes he has a democratic mandate and we respect that, but democracy also means insuring that everyone has a voice and that leaders have the responsibility to represent all Egyptians and show they are responsive to their concerns, that is what the government needs to do in order to bring about peace and stability in that country," he added.