Cape Town High Court Judge Robert Henney found South African man Xolile Mngeni guilty of killing honeymoon tourist Anni Dewani who was with her Bristol based husband Shrien Dewani, when the taxi the couple were travelling in was hijacked in the Gugulethu Township on the outskirts of Cape Town in November 2010, and Mrs Dewani was shot in the head. The Judge said Mngeni was accused on five counts.

Two other men were also arrested for their part in Mrs Dewani's murder; Mzi Qwabe and Zola Tongo. Tongo is serving an 18-year jail term as part of a plea agreement while Qwabe was sentenced to an effective 25 years in jail for his part in the murder.

However the case has long attracted controversy as all three men have said they were contracted by Shrien Dewani to kill his wife. Mr Dewani denies plotting to kill his wife. A British court has halted his extradition, citing his mental health. The case continues.

Written and presented by Ann Salter