South Korean customs authorities seized capsules, containing human flesh, saying they have been smuggled from China and pose serious health problems for people.

A suitcase went through airport security at Incheon Airport South Korea.

Where a large amount of capsules can be seen on the left hand side of the security scanners.

A customs official opens the case and shows the brightly coloured capsules up close.

Shin Eul- Gi, an Airport Customs Scientist analyses the capsules in more detail. The two red lines confirm the presence of human blood. Speaking in Korean Mr Gi confirmed they were human. and that they are harmful to humans.

"As we analysed the DNA, its DNA sequence is 99.7 percent to 99.9 percent coincided to human's." 16. (SOUNDBITE) (Korean) INCHEON AIRPORT CUSTOMS INSPECTION LABORATORY OFFICIAL, SHIN EUL-GI, SAYING:

"Super-bacteria and other viruses and bacteria, which are harmful to the human body, have been detected."

The customs authorities said smuggling of the capsules made of dead human foetuses has increased since the first case was discovered last August. It is believed the capsules are to be used as stamina enhancement drugs among Chinese workers or cancer patients in South Korea.China has a long history of controversial ingrediants in it's supposed medicinal health treatments, ranging from Bear Bile to animal tusks from endangered species. And this discovery of foetal matter in compounds, is another example of mis guided so-called folk medicine,which has been proved to be scientifically bad for humans.

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