A suicide car bomb attack at a police station in central Turkey has killed at least two people and injured scores of others.

According to Turkish broadcaster, NTV, a man crashed his car into the building in Pinarbasi, 200 miles from the capital Ankara This man saw what happened after that:"I heard a gun being fired and saw a policeman fall to the ground and suddenly the car exploded. Shattered glass broke my hands, I ran inside, the explosion happened after a gun exchange."

Turkish Interior Minister, Idris Naim Sahin, said "It was a suicide explosion, one policeman died, another was heavily wounded and 10 people - including children of policemen - were injured by the attack."

We now know that second policeman who was wounded has since died. Anatolia, the local news agency, says at least 12 civilians were also hurt, Right now no-one's claimed responsibility for the attack but local sources reckon it could be the work of the PKK again. Last September they were blamed for a bomb attack in the capital that killed 3 people and injured 15.