Do you ever feel lucky to be alive? Well, let me show you a bunch of people in Florida who will probably count their blessings every day from now on, especially as they've just survived an extraordinary car crash that happened while they were minding their own business in a supermarket.

Here are the dramatic surveillance camera pictures of the moment the car careered through the front entrance of the shop in Palm Coast. You just can't help wondering what happened to the woman with her buggy. She and her 3-month-old baby survived miraculously with only minor injuries. 8 others were also injured, 3 are still in hospital, one in a serious condition.

You've got to commend the shop assistant for some pretty nifty footwork though as she dashes away from the car when she spots it shooting 50 feet through the rest of the store.

Florida Highway Patrol has charged the driver – a 76-year-old woman – with careless driving.