The Confederation for British Industry is battling to convince British businesses and the wider public that it is vital that the United Kingdom remains within the European Union. CBI has launched a report called Our Global Future: The Business Vision for a Reformed EU.

Speaking to IBTimes UK on camera, Mike Kapur, chairman of the CBI's Small Business Forum, said that the European Union's role in creating a digital single market was critical for SME's as business are starting to trade digitally.

"It is fundamental to be able to allow to allow business from across the EU to trade. One of the ways they are now finding ways to trade is digitally through the internet and that is a whole piece of work that currently is not joined up as it could be. So the role of the EU I think is very important, very similar to the role they played in terms of looking at mobile phone roaming charges. They led the introduction of caps and reduction in prices from which every SME has benefited."

According to CBI, they are the UK's leading business organisation and speak for some 240,000 businesses that together employ around a third of the private sector workforce. They have representation in Brussels, Washington, Beijing and Delhi.