Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood insists captain Robin van Persie is unlikely to leave the club in the summer.

The Dutch international has fired the Gunners back into contention for a top-four finish with a remarkable 26 goals in 28 Premier League appearances but doubts remain over his long-term future in north London.

Van Persie's contract at Arsenal expires in 2013 and he will be allowed to discuss terms with other clubs as he enters the last 12 months of his current deal.

The Arsenal striker is reportedly happy to discuss an extension if the club demonstrates a willingness to invest in the squad during the summer, and Hill-Wood remains adamant that van Persie can be persuaded to stay.

"I think Robin and his family are very happy in London and I don't think he is solely motivated by money as some players are," Hill-Wood is quoted on ESPN Soccernet.

"If we find the right person for the right position we are happy to buy. We have got enough to pay anything but silly prices."

Meanwhile, Newcastle defender Jonas Gutierrez has criticised van Persie in the aftermath of his spat with compatriot Tim Krul.

The pair quarrelled in the closing stages of Arsenal's 2-1 victory against Newcastle at the Emirates Stadium on Monday night and Gutierrez believes van Persie acted inappropriately after Thomas Vermaelen snatched a last-minute goal for the Gunners.

"I think Van Persie was wrong. There was no need for him to do that - they have won the game, it is finished," said Gutierrez.

"I can't understand a person like that. I think it is not right. When you feel like that, it is because you are not a good person. I don't care about the football; I'm talking about the person. When you have people who do that, it's not right.

"We are all used to getting kicks - it's a sport of contact - but when you have things like that, it is not right. It is not easy to accept.

"He was the only Arsenal player who reacted like that. The others were saying to him, 'Calm down, calm down'. When you do that, the fans go crazy as well, so it's no good for the atmosphere of the sport.

"It didn't help the game - both sets of fans are having a good evening, they're enjoying the game. He made a big mistake. I say well done to Tim for staying calm. In a second, you can lose your mind, but we have to stay focused.

"I was pleased with Tim. You have to think of the next game and the rest of the season at that moment. It is no good to have a reaction and get a three-game ban or something like that."