Prince Charles
Prince Charles (Reuters)

A state-of-the art armoured BMW is being tested by police to give the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall greater protection against terrorists, kidnappers ... or rioting tuition fees protesters.

The £300,000 vehicle boasts many extras that James Bond would be proud of. It has sniper-resistant armour, is resistant to poison gas, and boasts a range of security features, including detachable windscreens, should Charles and Camilla need to make an emergency exit. It also has an 'assault alarm' that extinguishes fires under the chassis and the bonnet.

Gas sensors activate all of the locks, seal the windows, and pump in a supply of fresh oxygen to passengers.

The BMW 760's reinforced windows are virtually unbreakable, making a repeat of the episode in 2010 impossible, when students protesting an increase in tuition fees managed to break Camilla's window and prodded her with a wooden pole while others pelted their ceremonial Rolls-Royce with paint and bottles.

The Queen's principal car for occasions of state is a Bentley Limousine, while senior ministers and government officials have access to armoured Jaguars.

Other options the BMW offers are a gun case, night vision capability, and devices that allow police to track the car, eavesdrop on conversations and unlock the boot remotely, making it impossible for kidnappers to confine the royal couple inside.

However, the news has not been welcomed by all. West Midlands Labour MP Jon Spellar said: "Yesterday I was driving to Shrewsbury and was delighted to see the vast new Jaguar engine plant rising alongside the Motorway.

"Jaguar Land Rover is backing Britain but police bureaucrats shamefully refuse to support British workers. They should be ashamed of themselves and Prince Charles and Theresa May should have a sharp word with them pronto."

Metropolitan police sources told The Sunday Times that none of the vehicles had yet been purchased, but were on trial, with a view to two being acquired later in the year.