As the trial continues of the Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, he said that witness were paid to testify in the trial which saw him convicted of atrocities committed during civil war in Sierra Leone.

His lawyer meanwhile says there are double standards at play, that allow Charles Taylor to be sentenced to 80 years imprisonment within criminal law and those countries and governments which are above it.

His Defence lawyer Courtenay Griffiths said about other African leaders.

DEFENCE LAWYER, COURTENAY GRIFFITHS: "People in Liberia, quite justifiably in our submission, are asking the question how can our former president be sentenced to eighty years imprisonment, while next door in Sierra Leone former president Kabbah goes free."

Meanwhile this is Charles Taylor's last chance to speak in public at the international court before he is sentenced later this month.

FORMER LIBERIAN PRESIDENT, CHARLES TAYLOR: "Money played a corrupting, influential, significant and dominant role in this trial."

Taylor was found guilty of aiding and abetting rebels in Sierra Leone during its civil war.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter