Roman Abramovich
Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich continuing his spending spree this summer Reuters

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, after earlier threatening a mass clear out at the Blues' camp, has this time resorted to more positive tactics to motivate his team to win the Champions League. According to his latest proposal, Chelsea players will be getting £10 million in bonuses if they beat all odds and bring home the Champions League, reported The Sun

Abramovich hopes in his team were revived after the Blues managed to upset Barcelona along with many people with a narrow 1-0 win in the first leg, semi-finals of the Champions League.

So to ensure that the Blues play equally well or better in the second leg at Nou Camp, the Russian billionaire has decided to put in some more money as incentives for the players and interim boss Roberto Di Matteo.

According to the Sun, the 25 players representing Chelsea in the European competition will each receive an approximate sum of £350,000 if they lift the Champions League trophy on 19 May.

Di Matteo, who currently earns £1.2 million a year (the same amount he was paid during Andre Villas-Boas' reign), will also be getting a generous amount of £750,000 in bonuses if Chelsea win at Munich.

The 41 year old Italian boss, who has also helped Chelsea reach the FA Cup final, has not been yet offered a permanent managerial job at Chelsea.

Chelsea's £50 million striker Fernando Torres is confident that his teammates including him and Di Matteo will be getting Abramovich's generous incentives.

"It is clear that Barcelona are a step ahead of all other clubs. They have reached the last five semi-finals. But this is football: the best team doesn't always win. Many teams who play Barcelona think that you have to steal the ball from them, but I don't think that's possible," BBC quoted Torres as saying.

"You have to use different weapons against them. If you want to steal the ball, you won't manage it and you'll get tired, and then create more space for your opponent," he added.

Torres feels that his Spanish Teammates Xavi and Andres Iniesta will try to dominate the game and according to him, Chelsea should not be drawn into a game where they end up chasing the ball all around the park.

"Xavi and Iniesta are players who dictate the rhythm of the game. When you play against them, you need to know that they are guiding the game," he added.