An exclusive football school is to be launched in China which will train the students in Kung Fu to enhance their sporting skills.

The Chinese football school is being constructed in Dengfeng City of Henan province. The establishment will be miles away from the infamous Shaolin Temple, where the martial art of Kung Fu was discovered.

The Shaolin Jianye International Football School is aiming to attract produce 10,000 players in the next three years.

"The grasp of attack and defence in Chinese Kung Fu will benefit football training," the founder of the school and former Kung Fu student, Shi Yanlu told the state-run Xinhua news agency.

However the Shaolin Temple is not believed to be part of this project.

The sporting facility will be built with a cost of about $324m (£209m). The facility will have a massive stadium and two separate gyms. The school is being founded by a group of monks and football players in the country.

Although the construction of the institution is yet to be completed, nearly 500 students have already been recruited and are being trained.

The players will undergo training in football, martial arts and general knowledge.

"For now their priority is to build a firm foundation of their skills. We don't want them to achieve quick success. We want to do something tangible for Chinese martial arts and football. As long as we have good players with high potential, they will be discovered even in 'deep forests'," said Shi.

The main aim of the school is to promote sports. The players, who perform well during the training, will be selected for the club, said school officials.