Nearly 10 million high school students sat China's national college entrance exams last weekend. The 'Gaokao' is a fiercely competitive, make-or-break test that determines the path of a student's life. Some tried to improve their chances by using high-tech equipment straight out of a James Bond film.

Police have released photos of some of the devices they confiscated, such as a camera hidden in a pair of glasses and a tiny receiver that looks like a coin.

The Gaokao determines which university a student will attend. The test is deemed so important that streets around exam halls are guarded by the police, and people who make noise on testing days can be fined.

Authorities arrested a man for allegedly taking bribes while serving as an admissions official at Beijing's elite Renmin University. Cai Rongsheng was arrested on allegations that he took more than 10 million yuan (£955,966) in exchange for the help he extended to those seeking admission to the university.