Italian authorities have released a list of the names of the passengers and crew listed as missing after the cruise ship Costa Concordia disaster.

Eleven people have been confirmed dead, including six pulled from the wreckage after the vessel ran aground off the west coast of Italy on 14 January. More than 4,200 people were aboard the ship.


Dayana Arlotti, Italy
William M. Arlotti, Italy
Elisabeth Bauer, Germany
Michael M. Blemand, France
Maria Dintrono, Italy
Horst Galle, Germany
Jeanne Gannard, France
Christing Mathi Ganz, Germany
Norbert Josef Ganz, Germany
Gertrud Goergens, Germany
Pierre Gregoire, France
Garbiele Grube, Germany
Barbara Heil, United States
Gerald Heil, United States
Egon Hoer, Germany
Mylene Litzler, France
Margarethe Neth, Germany
Inge Schall, Germany
Siglinde Stumpf, Germany
Brunhild Werp, Germany
Josef Werp, Germany
Margrit Schroeter, Germany
Maria Grazia Trecarichi, Italy
Luisa Antonia Virzi, Italy

Sandor Feher, Hungary
Girolamo Giuseppe, Italy
Russel Terence Rebello, India
Erika Fani Soriamolina, Peru