It is no secret that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) superstars Cris "Cyborg" Justino and Ronda Rousey are not the best of friends. Now, the Brazilian has stoked their rivalry even further claiming that if they were ever to fight, she would make sure that Rousey is punished.

The duo has been involved in a number of spats over the years but the 31-year-old was especially offended when the American called her a man, claiming she had male genitalia. Cyborg now intends to seek revenge in the Octagon ring.

"It's not about people. It's about I want to punch her inside the cage. Ronda did a lot of bad things to me for years, like six or seven years. I think everything she says about me, it's not true. She don't know me. She never talked to me. We never met each other. It made me cry because you know it's hard. Because everything she says go into my Twitter, it goes everywhere. I can handle this, but my dad cannot handle this. I don't have anything personal with my opponents, but if it her, it would be different. It would be semi-violent. It would be the same thing, you know, but maybe I no finish the fight soon," Justino said, as quoted by Uproxx.

When asked if she would drag the fight to punish Rousey. Cyborg said, "Yeah. When you try to ridicule myself for all my fans, I think is not cool. Not cool."

The Brazilian, whose real name is Cristiane Justino Venancio, made her UFC debut earlier this year, winning both her fights by total knock-out. Justino was recently part of another controversy when president of the UFC Dana White revealed that the fighter had turned down two opportunities for a fight for the inaugural featherweight championship in the women's division.

Cyborg though refuted such suggestions, claiming that the promotional company had only given one side of the story and that the weight cut for her last fight almost killed her and that her medical condition was ignored by the company authorities.