On Monday, lawyers working for former FC Barcelona player Dani Alves submitted a 24-page appeal in an effort to get him released from jail while he awaits trial for the sexual assault case that has been filed against him by a 23-year-old woman in Barcelona.

Cristobal Martell has taken the reins for Alves' defence, and his priority is to get his client released from pre-trial detention. The Brazilian has been detained in prison since his arrest on January 20, and is being held without the possibility of bail. The decision was made following his arraignment and the presentation of statements from the complainant and witnesses to the alleged incident that took place on the night of December 30 at the Sutton nightclub.

According to Marca, the defence team is citing security footage from the said nightclub as the main basis for their appeal and to prove the footballer's innocence. In the video, the young woman was seen entering the VIP bathroom on her own without any sign of coercion from the player.

The defence team claims that the video disproves the victim's statements which were previously described by her lawyer as "consistent."

According to the documents submitted by the defence, the woman walked in by herself with no sign of "terror, fear or domination" being inflicted from the side of the accused.

The woman and her two companions were seen in the video having a chat with Alves and his companion for 20 minutes. Alves then enters the bathroom by himself while the complainant continued to talk to her friends and a waiter. She then enters the bathroom after Alves, who was still inside. The lawyers noted that she entered the VIP bathroom "without Alves giving her the right of way or opening the door."

The Barcelona legend's lawyers are convinced that these images clearly show that the woman was never forced by the footballer into the room and no sexual assault had taken place.

They also reiterated that Alves initially denied meeting the woman in an effort to shield his wife and children from the scandal. The court has yet to decide if the footballer will be allowed to post bail for his release while the case is ongoing.

Dani Alves
Mexico's Pumas signed Brazil defender Dani Alves last July after he left Barcelona for a second time AFP / Ulises Ruiz