FC Barcelona legend Dani Alves has been accused of sexual assault and his wife, Joana Sanz, is perhaps one of the people most hurt by the allegations apart from the complainant herself. The Spanish model has broken her silence once more to directly slam a local reporter for claiming to know a lot if insider information about her relationship with her husband.

Sanz took to Instagram to share a story wherein she singled out one reporter. "I'm here waiting for another creative appearance from Leticia Requejo," she said.

Numerous media outlets all over the world have been following the story, but Sanz named Requejo perhaps due to the fact that the latter had been reporting details that have not been obtained by anyone else. In fact, her reports are being echoed by others.

After Alves was arrested on January 20 and subsequently detained without bail, Sanz deleted most of her Instagram photos with her husband. While Alves initially denied knowing the woman who accused him of rape on December 30, 2022, he eventually admitted that they had indeed spent time together in the Sutton nightclub and that he had cheated on his wife.

This led to speculations about Sanz and her reaction. It was at this point that Requejo reported to "El programa de Ana Rosa" that the model had asked the Brazilian footballer for a divorce.

Sanz had constantly been saying on social media that reports about her must not be believed, but she has not directly denied that she is seeking to divorce her husband.

Days after the divorce claims, Requejo reported that Alves had called his wife from prison, telling her that he did not want to lose her. The report further claims that Sanz is still determined to file for divorce but has agreed to listen to what Alves has to say once they get a chance to speak in person.

In an appeal submitted by his lawyers to seek his release during the pre-trial period, it was said that Alves initially gave inconsistent statements about the incident because he had been hoping to keep the infidelity from his wife. He has since admitted to cheating, but insists that no assault took place and that what happened between him and the woman was consensual.

Dani Alves
Brazil defender Dani Alves has been accused of sexual assault AFP / Ulises Ruiz