David Cameron at the Global Cricket School
David Cameron at the Global Cricket School Twitter/ajarrodkimber

David Cameron, who is on a three-day visit to India to promote trade between the two countries, took break from his official duties and played with children from the Global Cricket School at the famous Oval Maidan. Cameron was seen in pleasant mood as he played with the youngsters and opted for a casual attire - a blue shirt and trousers.

"It was good fun and it's a great place to play," he said, "I knew I was in trouble when they brought on that third bowler though."

"He said he hadn't had a hit for a long time but he got going and hit a few good cover drives," Sachin Bajaj, the school's leader said.

Cameron had previously spoken about importance of sports and how it is part of his fitness regime.

"I try and stay a little bit fit," he said, "I try and go for a run a week, I try to play a game of tennis every week and I try not to go to bed too late. But like all these things that doesn't always work."

"As I always say, if you are exhausted and if you are fried mentally you will be a hopeless prime minister. You have to try and keep a good equilibrium and balance and then hopefully you can make good decisions."

"The most important things is to have a very good team around you. That is the most important thing - to make sure you can delegate and you can have a team you can work with and get things done for you," he added.

According to report in the Hindustan Times, Cameron will also meet Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan.

Insider's revealed that his team want to meet Khan because of his international popularity, especially in Britain. Khan was also featured on the cover of Time magazine in recognition of his work to represent social causes on TV show Satyamev Jayate.