Deadpool sides with #TeamCap Marvel

Deadpool seems to have chosen his side in Marvel's Civil War – a move that has not gone down too well with Tony Stark aka Iron Man. It all started with Chris Evans posting the following tweet praising Ryan Reynold's Deadpool

In response, Reynolds made his allegiance to Captain America very clear. It is another issue that Deadpool stands for everything Cap does not, including the colourful language.

Things escalated and took a more exciting turn when Robert Downey Jr found out that the Merc with the Mouth is not supporting #TeamIronMan, and this led to a fun Twitter battle of sorts. What better way to preview the Cap vs Iron Man feud.

Exciting stuff, but do not expect Deadpool to show up in an Avengers movie anytime soon. The writers behind the R-rated superhero hit have made it quite clear that Deadpool belongs in his reasonably small, gritty world and not alongside other super powered beings saving the world from aliens and intergalactic wars.