A sixteen-year-old Virginia boy was killed Sunday (March 17th) after apparently entering the wrong house following a night of drinking with friends.

The owner of the house called police to report an intruder and then fatally shot Caleb Gordley.

Gordley's father said Caleb snuck out of a window of his Sterling, Virginia home to attend a party with friends. He said he thinks the teen entered the window of the wrong house several hours later.

The teen's father said the inside layout of the house Caleb entered two doors from his own home, is identical to his home.

As the investigation continued Tuesday, Caleb's mother, Jennea Gordley said she forgave the man who shot her

"I just want you to know that I forgive you sir. I understand that this was an accident and like I said, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and my son, he's an angel, he was an angel and I did the best that I could," she said.

The teen's friends said he was a great friend, an athlete and music lover.

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