Kate O'Mara
Kate O'Mara has starred in hit shows including Dynasty, Doctor Who, Absolutely Fabulous and Howards' Way

The son of Dynasty actress Kate O'Mara has been found dead in a suspected suicide.

Dickon Young, 48, who lived in Long Marston, near Stratford-upon-Avon, with his mother, was discovered by a neighbour in a garage on New Year's Eve.

Police found Dickon with a rope around his neck.

According to local residents, the former set designer had suffered mental health problems following a car crash.

David Marcuse, a warden at St James Church in the village, told the Daily Mail: "I don't think Dickon was very well.

"He had a car accident some years ago and his mind was never the same, as I understand it. I think he suffered from periods of depression.

"Physically he seemed fine. He didn't leave the house very often, but I used to see him occasionally walking through the village.

"'It is a tragic situation all round and everybody's thoughts will be with the family.'

Twice-divorced O'Mara moved to the property with her son a year ago.

Although she is best known for her role as Caress Morell, the devious sister of Joan Collins' Alexis Colby in Dynasty, she has also starred in Doctor Who, Absolutely Fabulous and Howards' Way.