Eddie Alvarez has criticised "desperate" Conor McGregor and suggested the Irish fighter becomes "flustered" and "upset" when put on the defence.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will host its biggest event at UFC 205 at the Madison Square Garden on 12 November. The main attraction of the event will be the bout for the lightweight title between the current champion Alvarez and the 29-year-old featherweight champion.

McGregor, who is also known as "The Notorious" has a chance to become the first fighter to hold two belts, if he manages to beat the Pennsylvania-born fighter in New York. He has already been involved in trash-talk before the big event later this weekend.

The Irishman remains confident of beating Alvarez at UFC 205 and earlier went on to suggest that the 32-year-old's bout with him will be the former's last fight. McGregor even went on to claim that Alvarez's wife and kids will not be able to recognise him after the fight.

Alvarez is not pleased by McGregor's latest comments. The American fighter suggested that the featherweight champion's latest remarks regarding his family show a sign of desperation.

"Conor McGregor - this guy is so offensive-minded and never on the defence that whenever you put him on the defence, he gets so flustered and so upset," Alvarez told UFC Embedded.

"At a certain point in our press conference call he got desperate. He started talking about my wife and kids and things like that. That for me is just a sign of desperation. You don't talk about another man's family unless you're like through the roof p****d off.

"If we were in a fight and I was putting him on the defence, I looked at this like this man is just closing his eyes throwing 'Bolos'. Just to see him cross that, it's good. It's a good sign for me."