Britain's recent horsemeat scandal has worried many meat eaters and reportedly almost two thirds of British shoppers no longer trust the food industry.

According to report in Daily Star, only 37% people still trust shops and restaurants to provide food that is safe to eat.

"The shocking finding comes despite there being no evidence as yet that the horsemeat concerned poses any risk to human health," industry magazine The Grocer said.

Though horsemeat may be taboo in the UK but elsewhere, from Italy to Mexico to Japan, it is a regular on the menu. It is high in iron and often recommended to pregnant women, children and the anaemic.

Well, all over the world, people are known to consume some of the strangest things imaginable.

Urine-soaked eggs are a popular springtime snack for residents of China's coastal Zhejiang province. Young boys, preferably below the age of 10, douse the eggs with urine collected from primary school toilets. Popularly known as "virgin boy eggs", it takes nearly an entire day to marinate them. The raw eggs are soaked and then boiled in a pot of wee. Gradually, the shells of the hard-boiled eggs crack allowing the egg white to absorb the urine for hours. Fresh urine is poured in at intervals and the temperature is strictly controlled to keep the eggs from overcooking. This snack is believed to have medicinal properties, allegedly easing aches in waists, legs and joints, increasing stamina and immunity from heatstroke.

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