Adrian Newey
Newey (left) with Red Bull team manager Christian Horner Reuters

Adrian Newey, chief technical designer for Red Bull Racing has voiced his frustration towards the new regulation changes in Formula One.

Red Bull announced the RB8 on 6 February and as part of the event Newey said that preventing teams from using exhaust gases to create extra downforce - a trick that worked incredibly well for Red Bull in 2011 - is frustrating.

"Regulation restrictions like the lost exhaust are a bit frustrating in truth, because they are exactly that, they are restrictions, they're not giving new opportunities or revenues particularly, they're just closing a door."

Newey added: "Regulation changes I enjoy, regulation restrictions I rather lament."

Last year's Red Bull fed exhaust gases through the rear diffuser, increasing the airflow through the crucial aero device and strengthening the downforce, and therefore grip, in highspeed corners.

Newey continued: "RB7 [the 2011 car] was designed around the exhaust, this year knowing that the exhaust position from last year would be taken away, we've had to go back and look at how we developed the car [with the older] side exhaust system."

The RB8 also features a lower rear ride height than the 2010 car, as last year's exhaust meant that a higher ride height could be achieved.

Another regulation change for 2012 means that teams must design cars with lower noses. While the maximum height remains at 65 centimeters immediately in front of the cockpit, the height of the nose must drop to 55 centimeters within a space of 15 centimetres just after the front suspension.

The regulation change has led to teams designing stepped noses, where the nose drops abruptly. McLaren is, so far, the only team to not use this stepped nose design. Interestingly, Red Bull has included what appears to be a vent into the step, unlike any other team.