Sebastian Vettel and the rest of the Red Bull team returned to their Milton Keynes factory today to plot their bid for a fourth consecutive Formula 1 world title. Vettel, who beat Ferrari rival Fernando Alonso by three points to secure his third title, reflected on another remarkable season.

"The fact is that there is only two other people who have you know done similar in a way, Michael (Schumacher) and Fangio I think says it all you know. I think there's a lot of other big names and I don't want to say that you know there's just those two and me but it is something very special and I think the last couple years we had with the team is you know a phenomenal run and for me and for the team is something that isn't, how can I say, isn't happening every day and I think you don't realise right now and probably not this year or when you are still so much really going from one step to another but one day maybe when you, you know retire or you decide to stop you look back and that's probably the time when you really start to realise and put things a little bit more in perspective."

Written by Alfred Joyner