Bitstrip cartoons take over Facebook newsfeeds
Bitstrip cartoons take over Facebook newsfeeds (Photos: Bitstrips/facebook)

Here's something that might give Christopher Nolan a run for his ideas:

You are a real life person. You log into a virtual world called Facebook to see what your other real life friends are up to. But instead you find your Facebook wall bombarded with comic avatars of your friends and their life playing out in the form of a newspaper comic strip. So it is like a virtual world within another. Confused?

That's why many Facebook users are annoyed with Bitstrips!

Earlier this week, Bitstrips released its android app along with an update offering more than 1000 different comic templates to choose from. The app gained instant popularity with 11 million downloads, making it a hot property in both the iPhone and Android stores. A good thing?

Well, not necessarily. Bitstrips has become a victim of early burnout with the app garnering a lot of negative backlash.

According to The Inquisitr, Bitstrips has "already worn out its welcome," resulting in many users to "unfriend" Bitstrip users or block activity from the Facebook comic app.

Digital Trends reports this as something that feels like 'reverse engineering' and questions the need to use a comic to create an avatar for your Facebook profile to make an update about your mood in the box where you would normally write a status update.

If you are terribly annoyed by the comic strip takeover on your Facebook wall, here's how you can easily block the app:

On your Facebook news feed, find any post from Bitstrips and click the small gray-coloured, downward-pointing arrow on the upper right hand corner of the post. On the drop down menu, click "Hide all from Bitstrips."

Bitstrips is not a new app and has been there on Facebook since December, 2012. Soon after its launch on Android, the growing demand for the app crashed the company's website, sending them scrambling for a fix.

The CEO told ABC7 News, "We've been completely overwhelmed by the enormous response, and currently have our heads down, working to keep things up and running."