Meg Griffin likely to die next in Family Guy
Meg Griffin likely to die next in Family Guy (Photo: FamilyGuy/facebook)

Here's something that might not go down too well with Family Guy fans mourning the loss of Brian.The Mila Kunis-voiced Meg Griffin is the favourite to be killed off next on the Emmy-award winning comedy cartoon, according to Ladbrokes.

Meg, a perpetual outsider within the Griffin family, leads the betting at 4/1 to be the next character likely to be killed off the show, while Cleveland Brown, former neighbour of the Griffins, is the second favourite at 5/1. Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: "As the runt of the Griffin litter it's no surprise to see Meg as the favourite, however the smart money's for Glenn Quagmire to be giggity giggity gone."

The odds of Glenn Quagmire being killed off are 6/1, whereas Cleaveland Brown and Joe Swanson share odds of 5/1.

Star of the show Peter Griffin is the rank outsider at 50/1 to be dropped next.

Cocaine expert and Griffin matriarch Lois has odds of 12/1, while her devil child Stewie has odds of 16/1.

Weirdo Mayor Adam West is at 20/1, while the grandparents Carter and Barbar Pewterschmidt have 8/1 and 9/1 respectively.

As the passing of Brian, the wisecracking family dog interested in literature and drinking, hit fans hard the bookies are hopeful that he will return on a permanent basis to Quahog, reports Mirror UK. However, it is likely that Meg will be the next favourite to die on the show.

This week, a Family Guy fan petition to bring back beloved pet Brian went viral with over 120,000 signatures. Fans launched the site, after the cartoon dog's death on the show.

Last Sunday's episode of Family Guy ("Life of Brian") was a shocker for viewers as they witnessed the gruesome death of the show's primary and popular character, Brian Griffin. Griffin, the family's pet dog, was one of the show's longtime characters.

In the episode Brian was struck by a car and run over as he prepared to play in the street with Stewie. Ultimately, his injuries were too severe, and he could not be saved.

"You've given me a wonderful life. I love you all," he said before flat-lining as his loved ones looked on with tears in their eyes.