A topless female protester has burned a Barbie doll in protest at the opening of a Dream House in Berlin.

Feminist groups and left-wing activists rallied against the 27,000 sq ft pink estate dedicated to Mattel's iconic blonde doll, whiich opened near the famous Alexanderplatz in the German capital, describing It as a piece of "sexist propaganda."

A member of radical feminist Group Femen burned a Barbie doll on a cross outside the mansion-restaurant, which displays life-sized Barbie items.

"The Nazi ideology of Mattel purposefully creates the image of a female doll dictating not only the appearance of new generations, and that the worst social role of reckless beauty finding a reason to exist in the continuous care of their appearance and the house," Femen said.

"[Mattel] turned a piece of plastic into a god for millions of girls from all over the world who now seek only to imitate plastic shapes and stupidity and absurdity of conduct."

Upon paying an entrance fee of €15 (£13), young girls can view the collection of 350 Barbie dolls collated in the Dream House, as well as try on Barbie clothes, bake cup-cakes in a pink kitchen and glimpse the doll's glamorous Malibu lifestyle.

Femen, which has recently carried out a number of high-profile protests across Europe including topless marches in Paris and an ambush of Silvio Berlusconi, was not the only group to take part in the protest.

The Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse group, an offshoot of the leftist Die Linke party, also demonstrated against Barbie.

"They present an image of cooking, primping and singing, as if it were in some way life-fulfilling," Occupy's leader Michael Koschitzki, 27, told Der Spiegel.

"The Barbie Dreamhouse is the expression of a conventional role model that isn't OK."

However Occupy distanced itself from Femen's topless protest, saying the group doesn't endorse the cross burning.

"This morning, a naked woman showed up in front of the Barbie House with a burning cross. Then, she was taken away by the police," Occupy wrote on its Facebook page. "We were staging a peaceful protest and condemn this act."